Nike x Hello Levels

Designed for athletes who want to get stronger.

An all-new design.

Delivering durability, stability and speed for weightlifting and high-impact training.

Signature Hello Levels Acronym – HLVLS

Consistency is a key in building something.

5 years since launch of Hello Levels;
Nike’s 5th in Metcon, gave reasons to collaborate for “Number 5”.

HLVLS is fan picked acronym for Hello Levels.

Stability In Style

Rubber wraps up the shoe to deliver superior, abrasion-resistant grip when climbing ropes.

Directional traction provides a fast feel underfoot, while the slick plastic clip on the heel is designed for stability in motion.

Crafted for Gym & Training.

Extra Reps

A low, flat and wider heel now features a removable Hyperlift insert that adds offset and provides improved stability for squats, wall balls and thrusters.

(High offset for the wedge insert.)

We sold 1000 units.

We are working on Phase 2.