Absolute Headache!

Usually, I Keep Back-end Stuff Away And Restricted To Myself But HELL! YouTube Gave Me Headache In Last Few Months.

It All Started With Creation Of “Show” on YT. Since Then Vid Of FASTLANE 2018 Got Age-restricted & Stuck With “Shows” Category; Due To “Unknown Issue”, Said As Per YT Support Representative. Also, Vid Of ELIMINATION CHAMBER 2018 Got Stuck With “Shows” Category.

To Make YouTube Notice About Harm Done To Hello Levels Due To Issues; I Took A Nonviolence Approach.

Uploads On Hello Levels Were Stopped And A Mail Was Delivered To YT Support Team With Full Detail.

  • Logs –
    • Mar 14th, 18 – Contacted YT Support Team; Mentioned Issues, In Detail.
    • Mar 22nd, 18 – Issue Closed Without Solution.
    • Apr 9th, 18 – I Was Not OKAY With Response. Contacted YouTube Support Team; Again, This Time Including CEO.
      • After Contacting Susan Wojcicki, I Got A Mail From YT Team.
    • Apr 19th, 18 – New Ticket Was Raised. For Days, Exchanged Texts With YT Team And Found That They Marked My Issue As ‘Solved’ Without Doing A Reality Check.
    • Apr 24th, 18 – Had Conversations With YT Team. Representative Said – Internal Team Is Working On Issues, Progress Confirmed.
    • Apr 24th, 18 – Uploaded Vid After Confirmation Of Work In Background.
    • Jun 26th, 18 – Issue Solved.

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